Who most needs the services of a great wedding planner and what would it take for me to become successful? This is what I asked myself in the autumn of 2016 as I put my two feet into the world of wedding and event planning. I knew that as a man with my Latin American roots, my contribution was already going to be unique in the world of wedding planners, and so I started my company with that idea right in the name: The Unique Concept (TUC).

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The union of
Exquisite Gay Weddings &
The Unique Concept

I was active and enjoying my new career, bringing my unique view of weddings to my wedding couples, and I delighted in feeling the joy of what it means to make my client’s dreams come true! Shortly thereafter, a wedding planner colleague of mine approached me with the idea of joining her in the specialisation of offering our services to the Dutch LGBT community. As a single father of two and also an out gay man, I was thrilled to think of specialising in this market sector, and soon Exquisite Gay Weddings (EGW) was fired up and running.

It became clear for me what I wanted to do within the wedding industry. Yet I wondered how the market would react to a middle aged man marketing specifically to the LGBT community and would I be able to make a success of it? I didn’t have time to waste so I had to find the right direction as soon as possible and make the right strategic choices. So, what would be the difference of a “gay wedding” from a “wedding” and what would a wedding planner that happens to also be gay, have to offer differently than my straight collegues?

The planning of weddings remains the same for all couples; everyone wants the wedding of their dreams, they want to make the best day ever for themselves and their guests, and no one wants to feel stress on this very special day. In a perfect world, no one would feel distress or unease just because of the person they choose to love, but I have experienced that we are still far from a world that is free of discrimination. I want my wedding couples to know that every vendor, every location, and every one that will be involved in their wedding will show only gratitude and joy in making their wedding exceptional and worry free!

My carefully selected portfolio of vendors are all chosen specifically with my lesbian and gay clients in mind. I am so proud to work here in The Netherlands, the first country in the world to make gay marriages legal! Yet within our great country where there may be less institutional descrimination, many of my clients are part of social or religious communities that make it a struggle to be who they are and to love whom they choose. So, in an ideal world it would not be necessary to have a focused “gay wedding planner,” but unfortunately we are not quite there yet —but I hope this will soon be true!

I began exhibiting at all the wedding fairs that I could attend and the launch of Esquisite Gay Weddings was well received within the Dutch and international LGBT community—I felt confident in my strategy and with my sevice to my peers. Over time, I noticed something very interesting happening which took me by surprise! Not only was I finding sucess with the LGBT couples, but I started getting inquires from straight couples via my EGW website. They told me they liked the look and feel of what I offered and they loved my openness and they wanted me to plan their “straight” weddings in my own unique way.

Now the time has come for renewal and I feel strong enough to take on a new challenge. I am proud to present my brand new company Wedding & Event Planning Unlimited. Exquisite Gay Weddings and The Unique Concept will remain separate entities combined with my new company.

I’m super excited to expand in this way—offereing wedding and event planning to anyone interested in having the event of their life!!

Lots of love!

Antonio Ortega, Manager of ADMC Wedding & Event Planning Unlimited

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